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Shannon Black

Light Theory #2

Light Theory #2

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Artist:  Shannon Black

"Light Theory #2," is fine art photograph that showcases a surreal digital collage of a woman suspended in mid-air above downtown Los Angeles. This composition combines tones of green and yellow to create a dreamlike atmosphere where the architecture of the cityscape becomes an integral part of the narrative. Sparks of light punctuate the scene, infusing it with a sense of magic and intrigue.

The woman, weightless and graceful, floats above the city, embodying a sense of freedom and empowerment. Her ethereal presence invites viewers to imagine a world where boundaries are transcended, where dreams and reality intertwine. As she hovers above the urban landscape, her presence becomes a symbol of resilience and the infinite possibilities that lie within us.

The downtown Los Angeles skyline serves as a captivating backdrop, its architecture reaching towards the heavens. The green and yellow tones bathe the scene in a serene and otherworldly ambiance, adding depth and a touch of mystery. The buildings stand tall and proud, their lines and angles creating a harmonious dance with the woman in flight.

 Through "Light Theory #2," viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a realm where imagination knows no bounds, where the urban landscape becomes a canvas for self-expression and introspection. It is a testament to the power of art to transport us to extraordinary realms and provoke contemplation about the interplay between light, architecture, and the human experience.

 Print Size 12x18 inches: 

With white window mat -Frame size = 17"x23"

No mat - Frame size = 13"x19"

 Print Size 20x30 inches

With white window mat - Frame size = 25"x35"

No mat - frame size = 21"x31"


Photos are professionally printed with archival quality photographic papers. Frames are gallery quality wood frames with a 2 inch depth.

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