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Shannon Black

Light Theory #5

Light Theory #5

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Artist:  Shannon Black

"Light Theory #5" is a fine art photograph that transports viewers into a realm where light, texture, and history converge in the mesmerizing landscape of the Joshua Tree desert. The image presents a juxtaposition of elements, with a rusted vintage Chrysler in the foreground and sparks overlaying a rock, creating an ethereal atmosphere that sparks contemplation and imagination.

The vintage Chrysler takes center stage in the composition, its weathered exterior standing as a testament to the passage of time and the stories it carries. Against the backdrop of the desert's vastness, the car becomes a symbol of nostalgia, inviting viewers to reflect on the histories and journeys that unfolded within its now-faded interior.

The Joshua Tree desert landscape serves as a breathtaking backdrop, with its unique rock formations and expansive horizons. The natural elements evoke a sense of timelessness and serenity, providing a harmonious contrast to the aging vehicle. The play of light and shadow upon the desert's rugged terrain adds depth and texture to the image, enhancing its captivating allure.

Overlaying a rock in a portion of the photograph, sparks of light dance and flicker, infusing the scene with a touch of magic and mystery. These luminous sparks symbolize fleeting moments of inspiration and creative energy, hinting at the transformative power of light and the hidden possibilities that lie within the desert's embrace.

Print Size 12x18 inches: 

With white window mat -Frame size = 17"x23"

No mat - Frame size = 13"x19"

 Print Size 20x30 inches

With white window mat - Frame size = 25"x35"

No mat - frame size = 21"x31"


Photos are professionally printed with archival quality photographic papers. Frames are gallery quality wood frames with a 2 inch depth.

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