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Shannon Black

Lewis Motel

Lewis Motel

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Artist:  Shannon Black

"Lewis Motel" is a fine art photograph that showcases a vintage hotel sign standing in the the Joshua Tree desert, creating a striking juxtaposition between the remnants of the past and the timeless beauty of nature.

The photograph captures the essence of a bygone era, with the weathered motel sign evoking a sense of nostalgia and intrigue. The sign, adorned with retro typography and illuminated in a rich gold tone, stands as a symbol of a bygone era, whispering stories of road trips, desert adventures, and the allure of the open road.

Set against the backdrop of the Joshua Tree desert, the image reveals the grandeur and serenity of the natural landscape. Rolling hills and distant clouds add depth and majesty to the composition, harmonizing with the vintage sign to create a visually captivating tableau.

"Lewis Motel" serves as a reminder of the passage of time and the fading remnants of a once-thriving era. The juxtaposition of the vintage motel sign against the untouched beauty of the desert landscape sparks contemplation about the transience of human creations in the face of nature's enduring presence.

Through this art photograph, viewers are invited to reflect on the stories and memories embedded within these forgotten spaces, to imagine the lives of travelers who once sought rest and adventure in this remote corner of the world. 

Print Size 12x18 inches: 

With white window mat -Frame size = 17x23

No mat - Frame size = 13x19


Print Size 20x30 inches

With white window mat - Frame size = 25x35

No mat - frame size = 21x31


Photos are professionally printed with archival quality photographic papers. Frames are gallery quality wood frames with a 2 inch depth.

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