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Shannon Black

City of Light & Wires

City of Light & Wires

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Artist:  Shannon Black

"City of Light and Wires" is a fine art art photograph that presents a mesmerizing digital collage featuring downtown and Eastside Los Angeles. The image showcases an intricate layering of houses and buildings, infused with deep textures and colors, evoking a sense of both urban vibrancy and artistic imagination.

The photograph invites viewers into a surreal cityscape, where familiar structures take on a dreamlike quality. The layered composition creates a visual tapestry that blends architectural elements from different parts of Los Angeles. 

The collage technique employed in "City of Light and Wires" adds depth and complexity to the image. Textures and colors are skillfully applied, lending a tactile quality to the buildings and structures. The juxtaposition of smooth surfaces and rough edges creates a captivating interplay of light and shadow, giving the photograph a three-dimensional feel.

Through this digital collage, the photographer captures the essence of Los Angeles as a city pulsating with life, blending the old and the new, and embracing its status as a global cultural hub. "City of Light and Wires" is an artistic representation that transcends reality, offering a fresh perspective on the urban landscape and inviting viewers to reimagine the familiar.


Print Size 12x18 inches: 

With white window mat -Frame size = 17x23

No mat - Frame size = 13x19

Print Size 20x30 inches

With white window mat - Frame size = 25x35

No mat - frame size = 21x31


Photos are professionally printed with archival quality photographic papers. Frames are gallery quality wood frames with a 2 inch depth.

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